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There are many famous wingman pairs.....

Batman and Robin

(Who else almost busted out into a song right there???)

Pedro and Napoleon

The Ambiguously Gay Duo


And the all-time duo...




What!  Who did you think I was going to say??

Knowing the strength of a wingman team, Warfare enlisted (more like the came to us.....that's the way I heard it) the help of more wingmen to defeat Paragon's raid team.  

Come on, can't beat them alone...who was going to vouche for someone that never said they were going AFK.... the people that didn't get into aim because of shit in the way....the raiders that dropped "Hurl Amber" near the raid (and/or ported to it)... Exactly - a wingman needs to cover that shit or else we just look like terrible players.

Amazingly enough - we got them really cheap...not sure why.. (Kind of need a wingman for that joke)...

When all was said and done...it wasn't the bullshit priest absorbs that gave us the win - it was the dedication of the wingmen....

and maybe the continuous uptime of the B.F.F. buff

but who knows.... WING WOMAN, OUT!  

Onto Heroic Garrosh

You Should Check Out our Youtube Channel to See Our Epicness!  
We'll be starting to recruit for Mythic pretty soon, so stay tuned!  :P

Rommulox (Resto Shaman POV)

Raiduz (Feral DPS POV)

This guy...This freaking guy...

I swear I've never experienced more 2 minute wipes to a boss than good ol' Dickcrafter McSiegefuse.  First, let's be clear, we would have killed this without the nerfs (seriously).  We were already knocking on that proverbial door.  Second, for reasons we will not discuss, we started on Blackfuse first and just started to work on Thok last week.  Considering that we changed our strategy to largely compensate for our "Okay" hunter about 400 times, the strategy that we ultimately killed this guy with (don't say a word Dawgy) yielded us results rather quickly.  We've seen every iteration of a wipe on this fight, from pipe deaths to Xuen jumping to Garrosh...

I'm proud of how resilient the players we have in our current group are considering the damage Blackfuse the Guildbreaker has done to other guilds.  With that said, we still have quite a bit of work to do before the end of this tier (and the end of prime-time heroic 10m raiding).

Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Tranqz POV (Hunter, Belt DPS)

Raiduz (Feral DPS)

Not much to say on this fight other than it was pretty easy all told.

Heroic Thok

Mayleen (Holy Paladin POV)

Dawgy Still waiting on those Jackets!
Mayleen aa Omg that clip! Took the shoes right off of him!
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